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How it works:
The TandonHildebrand ER Helpline can be tailored to the needs of your business, offering the support and assistance that you need. You would have immediate access to responsive advice and definitive answers from our expert employment lawyers by email and telephone.

What we offer:
Employee Relations  employment law and/or HR covering ALL people-related issues in the workplace.

Why should you choose TandonHildebrand?
Effective employee relations are the basis of successful employment relationships. Key benefits to your business in having a TandonHildebrand ER Helpline include:

·         Managing and mitigating risk

·         The provision of answers not processes

·         Freeing up management time

·         Access to and reliance on expert and experienced employment lawyers

·         Ensuring legal compliance

·         Attracting and retaining talent

·         Promoting your business culture and people strategy

Business rationale and cost analysis example:

TandonHildebrand ER Helpline
£1,000 – £2,500 per month
Total Per Annum: £12,000- £36,000

Generalist HR Employee (FTE) + Employment law advice
£30,000 -£45,000 per annum + £10,000-£50,000
Total Per Annum: £40,000-£95,000


To discuss how an Employment Relations Helpline would work for your company, please contact: 

Tania Tandon on tania@tandonhildebrand.com, or call +44(0) 7731 489 863
Carly Barrett on carly@tandonhildebrand.com or on +44(0)7799 460 220 

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