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When Tania and Richard decided to form their own company, they knew they wanted to create something different.

Having worked together in the same firm for many years, they had found that they approached work and life in a very similar way and often shared ideas on business strategy, management, networking and marketing, client services and fees.

“TandonHildebrand was born out of a vision that ultimately the best service and advice to clients can only come from an environment where advisers are energised and motivated to collaborate in the clients’ best interests,” says Tania.

As experts in their respective fields it was natural that Tania and Richard would continue practicing law but the wish to continue to evolve also prompted an advisory business alongside their legal offering. This way, on the People side, they can advise clients outside the pure legal advisory framework, taking clients through everything from recruitment, people strategy, retention, procedures, paperwork, motivation, engagement, mentoring, training, to dispute resolution and parting company.

On the Corporate side, the company will be helping businesses enter the UK from abroad, making introductions to and managing other advisers, as well as advising on M&A strategy, and on seeking investment and joining the public markets.

“Collaboration” and “people” are important words at TandonHildebrand, as the company identifies as a people business, advising other people.

“Building collaborative relationships with each other, our clients and contacts means we pool strengths for greater quality of advice and service to our clients, we continually learn from our clients and contacts enabling us to evolve and improve and we can partner with experts and people who have skills we don’t have, “ says Tania.

On top of this, the company will operate in a different way than traditional law firms, abolishing the custom of open ended hourly rates.

“Clients today need certainty of costs and often have strict budgets to manage. Our model gives them what they want.  We know what a particular job should cost and the value it gives to a client and agree our fees accordingly,” says Richard.

No chargeable hours means that clients will not pay more for inefficiency, fee discussions will be about the value of the advice and not about how long something is likely to take, clients will get the person who is best for the job and not the person who is in need of chargeable hours. It will also have benefits for the company itself, not in the least by making time sheets for employees redundant.

“ We want our people to manage their time as they see fit and without having to account for every six minutes of their day. The pressure to complete time sheets can drive bad behaviours in many firms,” says Richard.

In a very hierarchical and traditional industry, TandonHildebrand stands out with its project based fixed fees but also by the company’s very contemporary structure, with no hierarchy, no hand-book of policies, no annual appraisals, no fixed hours nor limited holiday allowances.

“Our team is made up of amazing individuals. We are adults who can be trusted and have chosen to work together. Labels such as agile or flexible working are therefore redundant at TandonHildebrand,” says Tania.

For the two founders, working closely together has proved just as good as they thought it would be.

“Richard has no other setting than giving 150% and he is always positive. Having him on side, thinking about and looking out for our interests, is a bonus for both clients and co-workers. He is pragmatic, bright and commercial and always seems several steps ahead of the rest of us, “ says Tania.

“Tania is unique – clients find her straightforward and to the point. At the same time, she has a very personal touch when dealing with people, and she is a very experienced lawyer. Her advice is practical and she won’t get you into a dispute when there’s no need. Tania is fantastic to work with and very supportive to her team and her large domestic and international network.  She is full of energy, relentlessly positive and has phenomenal new ideas every day, “ says Richard.

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