Thank you. From us to you.


There is only one reason we are able to celebrate a third anniversary: you.


We are ever grateful to you, our clients, for thinking of us, turning to us for advice and instructing us to act for you.


Although we set out with many ideas, a clear vision and lots of enthusiasm, there were fleeting moments when the reality would enter our minds … that all of this was only possible if someone actually instructed us and what if no-one did? When you did instruct us, therefore, the feeling was brand new and exciting. Without the established historic client base that exists in law firms, your instructions were so much more valued and appreciated. We promised ourselves that we would always ensure that our brand new appreciation of clients would not fade. It has not.


We viewed ourselves as international and knew we could reach across the world to deliver international advice with our amazing network of friends. Because you came from all over the world we were able to create the practice we have, that has in three years involved working in over 30 jurisdictions.


Grateful for the wealth of prior experience we had accumulated, we wanted to use that to capture the best and ditch the rest. No prescriptive holiday allowances or set working hours. No staff handbooks. No policies. No performance reviews. No legal directory entries.  No fighting over clients. No interview process with scoring matrices. No scoring. No time recording.


Our aim was to start a law firm free from unnecessary rules and one that would, we hoped, thrive from being able to focus on clients. We wanted to create an environment where relationships were based on mutual trust and respect that would render all else superfluous. Together with you, we have created that.


You embraced us and our approach to fees based on value, complexity and urgency. Because of you, we have been able to fulfil our dream to leave behind the billable hour and never again record our time while delivering quality results.


[Everything we are, we are because of you]


Before us, there is you.

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