Views from Sofia …


Last week TandonHildebrand relocated to the beautiful city of Sofia, Bulgaria for a couple of days on the kind invitation of our wonderful friend Stoyan Barzakov, a partner at law firm Eurolex Bulgaria. Staying at the foot of the mountains, we were able to walk in the woods and learn a little about local history. Working with a view of the Vitosha Mountain and city with the sun shining was fantastic. Despite protestations about team building, we succumbed to an hour in an escape room where our competitive spirit was much more powerful than the spirits we were supposed to be wary of!

We reflected on our first year and a little bit on our future and there were smiles and optimism all round. We had on our list to discuss values and remembered that someone said to us that the best part of a new business is the stage when the values are still in the room and don’t need to be documented.  We set out on a mission to work only with clients that we want to work with and that fit our model of mutual trust and respect. Having reviewed all of our clients in the first year we were delighted that this is being fulfilled.

Our clients have been UK and international (including being headquartered in Sweden, USA, India, Japan, Malta, France, Norway to name a few) and across sectors including manufacturing, technology, advertising, PR, telecoms, Oil and Gas and charities. Our work has also been fantastic having included collective restructurings, employment and civil litigation, GDPR, M&A, corporate finance, fraud and workplace investigations, executive terminations and recruitment and large scale HR projects. We have really welcomed the opportunity to assist as in-house counsel to manage corporate deals, act as HR/People consultants to support management with restructurings and be the interface with other professional service providers. None of us miss recording our time or discussing how many hours we have recorded on client matters.

We have returned looking forward to our next year and beyond. Thank you again to those who decided to work with us and those who have been so supportive.

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