TandonHildebrand supports whistleblowing appeal concerning the welfare of children


The former Chief Operating Officer of Inmind Children’s Services Limited blew the whistle in relation to a number of malpractices relating to the safeguarding of children and regulatory compliance. Shortly after blowing the whistle, the COO was left in a position where she felt she had no alternative but to resign. In January 2016 the former COO lodged a claim against Inmind to the Employment Tribunal (ET).

Following a lengthy ET process, judgment was delivered in April 2018 confirming that the COO had made a number of protected disclosures to management. The ET did not link her resignation to the whistleblowing.

“After a long and arduous ET process taking over three years, I was thrilled with the ET’s decision that I had made several protected disclosures to the directors of the organisation. It was disappointing, however, to learn that the ET had misinterpreted the law around the detriments I suffered as a result of my protected disclosures and I have, therefore, decided to appeal the matter to the Employment Appeal Tribunal. I am determined to fight this to the very end as no-one deserves for their life to be turned upside down for standing up for the truth,” Inmind’s former COO, Charu Kashyap said.

TandonHildebrand is now supporting the COO with her appeal to the Employment Appeal Tribunal on the grounds that her resignation was intrinsically linked to her whistleblowing.

“Pursuing this appeal is of great importance not only in relation to the treatment I suffered but also in relation to the care sector generally. The safeguarding and welfare of children and vulnerable individuals is of critical importance both in the care sector and society at large. Those that fall short of legal, quality and/or regulatory requirements and best practices must be held accountable in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children and vulnerable individuals,” said Kashyap.

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