Our languages connect us

TandonHildebrand Team

We understand that connecting on a cultural level involves much more than communicating in a common language.

Communicating in native languages goes much further to connect and for that reason we are proud that our team are native speakers in seven languages, allowing us to connect with over 2.4 billion people.


“Observations of multi-language work teams show that mixed-language groups have a propensity to find innovative solutions for practical problems. This is because they use a range of communication strategies in flexible and dynamic ways. When speakers from different language backgrounds work together using a common language, they draw on subconscious concepts that lie below the surface of the language they happen to be conversing in.”

Gabrielle Hogan-Brun, language expert, University of Bristol and author of “Linguanomics: What is the Market Potential of Multilingualism?”



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