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There is documented value in businesses investing in a pro-active wellbeing strategy. Giving employees the necessary tools and resources they need to succeed reduces absences and increases people’s productivity and efficiency. Motivating your workforce encourages engagement, fosters working relationships and betters the working environment. A happier workforce encourages a more effective business.

It is essential that the wellbeing strategy is right from the outset. Failing to properly consider what is required results in ineffectiveness. A wellbeing strategy needs to “fit” the specific business and its people. Consideration and assessment of core values and culture is essential. Creating an inclusive culture where people feel they can speak openly will enhance business efficiency; facilitating employee wellbeing and happiness in the workplace empowering the workforce.

Having a functioning wellbeing strategy is just as important for recruitment as for retention. Job applicants are increasingly looking at what potential employers offer by way of employee support and assistance. A lack of employer responsibility and/or investment in relation to wellbeing risks the loss of talent; organisations need to embrace employees’ wellbeing as a key asset to their business.

At TandonHildebrand our specialist employment lawyers and HR experts are also business advisers who can share knowledge and experience to create a unique strategy for your business. In order to implement a business’s wellbeing strategy, TandonHildebrand collaborates with a suite of wellbeing specialists to deliver a bespoke programme including training, workshops and internal initiatives.

With an already existing passion for this area, our wellbeing expert Kayleigh Leonie has long been instrumental in identifying and reporting on wellbeing concerns in the legal profession.

To download our toolkit for creating a wellbeing strategy for your company, please click  here.

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