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How it works:
In any business staff may see, hear or experience perceived difficulties and matters that they consider to be wrong, unethical or unlawful.  A TandonHildebrand Whistleblowing Helpline gives your staff a safe and independent forum in which to confidentially raise issues to employment lawyers who are qualified to assess the situation and consider appropriate next steps.

What we offer:
Whistleblowing Helpline – an independent and confidential helpline, run by experienced employment lawyers, via which your staff can anonymously report any concerns, issues and/or wrongdoings in the workplace such as malpractice, unlawful/unethical behaviours, breaches of legal obligations and dangers to health and safety or the environment.

Why should you choose TandonHildebrand?
As part of a TandonHildebrand Whistleblowing Helpline, experienced employment lawyers are readily accessible to your staff for them to report anything they perceive to be a workplace/business issue or concern and provides benefits to the business, and its people, including:

  • A simple consistent and legally compliant reporting process that mitigates the risk of claims
  • A legal assessment of the disclosures made to determine whether they amount to whistleblowing and any protection this gives to the “whistleblower”
  • Encouraging reports to this resource rather than via alternative public channels
  • Protecting the company’s brand and reputation
  • Resolving issues at an early stage, saving the business time and money
  • Protecting the business and its people from wrongdoing, unacceptable behaviours and unlawful/unethical practices
  • Reassuring staff that concerns and issues will be taken seriously
  • Promoting the company’s culture, values and its clear and robust policy for raising concerns
  • Providing an independent and impartial resources that removes any fear to staff of retaliation from an employer


Business rationale and cost analysis example:

TandonHildebrand Whistleblowing Helpline

£500 -£850 plus VAT per month

Total per annum: £6,000 – £10,200 plus VAT

Risks if qualifying disclosures are made and not dealt with properly

  • Demotivation of staff
  • HR time
  • Management time
  • Reputational risk
  • Risk of claims: for any detriment suffered by the “whistleblower”, including automatic unfair dismissal

Value of risk per annum – uncapped


To discuss how a Whistleblowing Helpline would work for your company, please contact: 

Tania Tandon on tania@tandonhildebrand.com, or call +44(0) 7731 489 863
Carly Barrett on carly@tandonhildebrand.com or on +44(0)7799 460 220 

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